Once upon a time when I was young (though I still am young but then I was younger) I remember my father telling me that the easiest subject in the world to talk about was one’s own self. At that point, I had conveniently agreed to it because I thought I knew myself the best – I know my favourite book (Harry Potter), the color I like (Red), what I hate (repeating myself), what I enjoy (cooking) etc. So this has to be easy right?

It was only till now when I am trying to introduce myself to you and realizing that Iwill be sharing a lot about myself with you is when I know what a difficult task it is! Let me try and keep it simple.

Hi. I am ShaharBano (one word). A 9 to 5 corporate employee by day, Soft Skills Trainer by spirit (expect my live sessions soon) and a mommy of 2 round the clock. Other than that I am also a wife, daughter, sister, niece, granddaughter, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, friend, boss, reportee, someone’s crush, subject of someone’s hate and what not. But most importantly I am ME.

With the recent addition of these 2 cutie-pies in my life, I have come to realize how tough it is to keep the ME in mommy alive. And I am positive I am not alone in this struggle.

So I have created this space where I will be talking about the Mommy Things, Me Things and Random Things. I will talk lifestyle, fashion, entertainment, books, travel, relationships imposing my opinion on you here and there. Excuse me please!

What I need from you is 15 minutes of your time everyday. You can do anything in these 15 minutes but the condition is that the focus of those 15 minutes has to be on ME (you in this case). So if you can think of doing something each day, say a silent prayer for me in your heart and viola. On the days when you cannot think of anything that you can do in these 15 minutes, come and drop by here, say hello and we can have a cup of tea(apne apne ghar) discussing the day’s post.

If you are reading this that means I didn’t bore you through the intro. So drop a line or two down and give me a chance of getting to know you

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