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Meeting Childhood Friends

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There is nothing more therapeutic in this world than meeting old school friends. I mean this is one of those friendships that have lasted longer than 7 years so it is likely to last a lifetime right? (Facebook pe parha tha)

This is Shamayl.We have been together since grade 6. In the past 3 years, every time I have landed in Karachi, Shamayl without fail has suggested we meet. We would always make a lan and then secretly hope sitting for the other one to ditch. She because #lifewith3 and I because #justlazy!

Khair then we decided bohat hogaya. 3 years.. all bananas were running out.. so kal mil hi liye. Meeting her was super comfy. We picked a place where our kids could be themselves and mix up too. We left the kids at #sindbad and took a quick run to #hyperstar to buy bachon ka milk and water (#15minutesofME right there) There were no hang ups, no hiccups, no formalities. We talked all silly things, ate everything from #subway to #mirchili to bachon ka leftover #mcdonalds. Bara maza aya! #friendshipgoals

Which friend are you gonna call today???

P.S: I just jumped on the #stylerepeats bandwagon woohoo!

P.S.S: The last picture of this post contains a fun surprise! 😇

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