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Life Saving Hacks: Reviving The New Nokia 3310

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This is the new Nokia 3310. It is a convenient, basic phone with a touch of modern which belongs to my Ammi.

Chaudhry Ammaar dipped it like a biscuit in garamagaram chai! 🤦‍♀️

I think it was too much for the poor thing and so it stopped working. If you ever come across here is what you need to do for CPR:

1. Open the phone up and take its battery and sim out.
2. Wipe it all clean with a nice dey cloth. Achey se.
3. Then take a hair dryer and blow your phone dry from the front and the back keeping 1 minute on each side.
4. Keep doing this for 10 minutes. Focus on the keypad
5. Let your phone cool down now.
6. Put in the SIM and battery and try turning it on.
7. Tada your phone is up. (If Godforbid it doesn’t, take it to an emergency 😔)